The book The Richest Man in Babylon was mentioned by a speaker at the Wandsworth Property Group. I have never read it but understand that due to the writing style it takes a little while to get into. However

Renovation project update
3 bed maisonette (1 double , 2 singles )
converted to 2 double with 2 bathrooms (1 en suite )

Estimated construction cost £35K
Regular updates will be available on the Renovation Projects page

I recently attended the Wandsworth property meet http://www.meetup.com/The-London-Wandsworth-Property-Group/events/17334928/ run by Brendan Quinn and his assistant Katalin Toth of KatPR. Although quite an intimate event it is very informative with lots of top speakers.
Including a solicitor giving guidelines on lease extensions. Rating 8/10
Landlords Journal
Islington Property Meet will be holding its first event and will be dedicating a whole evening for purely explaining what it can bring to the table in Islington. The event hopes that
- Some of you will come to network and create connections.