1. Before setting a price for your room, look for similar rooms to rent online and in your local paper
  2. Vet your potential lodgers
  3. Advertise your room online, add pictures if possible(and make sure it is nice and bright)
  4. Have your lodger sign a lodger agreement before they move in
  5. If you're a tenant, get permission from your landlord or managing agent before you sub-let
  6. Insist your lodger pays their rent by standing order
  7. Check your smoke alarms and devise a fire safety plan
  8. Give your lodger a copy of the house rules
  9. Make sure you let your insurance company know you're taking in a lodger
  10. Be there on the day your lodger moves in

Poll Where did you find your lodger? Online Friend/Family Newspaper Shop Window Elsewhere You Shout -->


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