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Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich" stressed the importance of masterminding at two critical phases in his sixth step toward riches. At the onset of our planning we must have mastermind group input. As we implement and adjust our plans we must continue to maintain our relationship with the group.

Most people are ready to grow rich but really have no idea of where to start, much less the processes involved.

Previous steps prior to organized planning include:

  • Desire or a burning passion to acquire riches or some other goal.
  • Faith that you will obtain your desires.
  • Autosuggestion to enable you to build your faith.
  • Specialized knowledge as may be required.
  • Imagination to conceive the idea which you will use to obtain your riches or goal.
As we progress through the steps toward our goal, we have arrived at the point where our initial desire will be as Mr. Hill described it, "crystallized" into action. This will require planning.

This is not to be confused with our initial plan which contains our goal, expected date to receive our goal, etc. This plan is where we begin to take definite action.

You may ask why you need to have a plan when you know what you want.

Napoleon Hill said it best. "No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability, and knowledge to insure the accumulation of a great fortune without the cooperation of other people"

What he is saying is that you will need to jointly plan with your group. The original idea may be your own creation, but the final version and its methods of implementation must be a joint venture.

Masterminding is certainly not a new or unique concept. It is no more than a group of individuals with mastery in various and numerous subjects pertaining to your particular needs, coming together to advise you and critique your plans.

Mr. Hill deemed this step as absolutely essential. Do not neglect it!

How to form a mastermind group:

  • Research and seek out people who may assist you with your plans.
  • Form an alliance with as many people as you need to create and help you carry out your plan or plans.
  • As you form the alliance, decide what service you will render in exchange for their alliance. This may be money or a service.
  • Arrange to meet with this group as often weekly as is necessary to create and implement your plan.
  • Establish and maintain a harmonious relationship among all members. This again is an absolute essential.
The advantages of a mastermind group:

  • Allows you, with the help of the group, to formulate plans that to the best of everyone's collective knowledge are sound and faultless.
  • Enables you to "fall back and regroup" if your plan does not work and you have to make adjustments or new plans.
Your ideas may indeed be sound, however your plans may not be and therefore you don't achieve what you desire. This is where most simply give up. Most people give up on the idea rather than press on until they find the successful plan.

As Mr. Hill illustrates in his text, Thomas Edison experienced ten thousand "temporary defeats" before he perfected the incandescent light bulb. Yes, ten thousand!

If you really having a burning desire for riches, you will need a fiery persistence to build and if need be rebuild your plans, never admitting final defeat.

"No man is ever whipped, unless he quits in his own mind", Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich".


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