There are considerable risks posed by third party liabilities that landlord’s should be concerned with. In the litigious society in which we live, anyone operating a business, and a landlord is certainly doing that, can easily find themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit which can seriously damage your wealth - and probably your health as well!

You only need to watch day-time TV for a brief spell to see how many law firms are touting for the business of anyone who has the slightest inkling of an accident claim.

Make sure your policy includes Property Owners Liability up to something like £5 million of cover. It is vital that you are covered in this way against death, injury or damage to individuals on or near your property, for example: tenants, visitors and guests, meter readers, postmen etc. Local authorities and Universities will normally specify a minimum amount of cover needed when you house housing benefit tenants or students.

Ironically, it's this third party liability, the greatest risk to the landlord, which is often overlooked!

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