Tenant excuses to landlord's

"I can't pay my rent as my BMW is in the shop, and I cannot affordto pay for both." 

"I can't pay my rent because the checks come out of Japan and theplane crashed." 

"If I move, my friends won't know where to find me." "Well, you see, I cannot pay the rent because my daughter ate my husband's paycheck." 

"I deposited my paycheck in the bank teller machine and it gotcaught in the rollers.  It took six days to tear apart the machine." 

"I had my choice of paying the rent or buying a car.  I bought a car.  I knew you would understand." 

"I am sure I paid you -- YOU must have lost it." 

"You towed my car away that was illegally parked and I refuse to pay my rent until you get my car out of impound." 

"It's your fault.  You deposited my check too late.  My automaticwithdrawals went through the bank before the rent check." 

"There is nowhere else to go.  The place I applied to will not take me because you are evicting me." 

Finally, courtesy of Randy Chapman, office manager for the ApartmentAssociation of Seattle & King County, this reason for not paying therent: "The house is haunted."



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