I found this article on repossessions which I thought would be of interest as we are at a stage where repossessions are on the increase. Personally I think it is a crying shame that homes get repossessed and I have had personal experience as this happened to my wife and I in the early 90's we subsequently bought a repossessed home which is now our main residence however if there was a system in place to stop people losing their homes then it would make me feel much happier

Repossession is a legal process that occurs when a lender obtains a court order to take possession of a property due to non-payment of the mortgage. When you buy something on credit, the person you owe the money to will be called the creditor. When you buy on credit, or get a loan to buy something, you will sign an agreement giving the creditor the right to take the item back if you miss payments. The property that can be taken is called collateral. When your creditor takes the goods back it is called repossession.

If you're facing repossession problems, you must act quickly. Losing your home might be a nightmare for your family. Try to take this matter very seriously. The issuance of possession proceedings is just the start of a series of legal processes, and if correct action is taken, repossession can be stopped. People face repossession problem because of Illness, Redundancy, and Reduction in income, financial over-commitment, and financial mismanagement.

Repossession may affect people in many ways; affects the quality of their life, future is not secured, lot of impact on family relationships, change in the social status. To stop repossession you can do certain things like selling the house on your own and move to another house, re-mortgage the house, or you can sell the house to a property trader who will rent it back to you and so you can still stay there.

Repossession problems generally arise when you are not able to manage your debts properly. You can reduce your debt by consolidating your debt. Try to reduce your interest charges, prevent court action, reduce your monthly repayments etc. you can manage your debts by having an Individual voluntary Agreement. An IVA is an agreement wherein you and your creditors try to find a solution wherein you pay an amount that you can afford each month, so that your home is protected. Generally the duration of IVA is 60 months and on completion, the debt that is left is written off, leaving you debt free. But only Insolvency Practitioners are allowed to propose and manage an IVA.

You can stop repossession if you show your lender or court other ways through which you can pay your mortgage. Nowadays insurance company do provide mortgage protection plan which can help the lender in paying the mortgage amount. Even if you are ill or become unemployed etc you can pay the mortgage amount. If you have a lender who is ready to charge you a much lower interest rate than your own lender then you can think of remortgage.

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