Happy New Year and welcome to the Landlord's Journal

Where do we start?

Well I have been a landlord for 6 years now and I  have had many ups and downs ( definitely more ups than downs). I have also had to hand keys back on a property in the past however this has not stopped me from investing in property it has just strengthened my resolve to succeed.

My main reason for getting into property was to build a future for me and my family. Which I hope you agree is a good cause. However there are many pitfalls which comes with being a landlord and investing in property which I wish to share with those of you who wish to listen. Therefor my website is here for me to let off a bit of steam and inform people when I can.

I have met many very knowledgeable  people involved in the property game and hopefully I can get them to pass on their knowledge to people who visit my site



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